• About US

Jay Market Creators (P) Ltd. founded over 2 decades ago has been a professional custodian for supply of High Quality products in India. Under the able leadership of Mr. Siddharth Maloo the organisation has grown in multiple manifolds. We are a regular vendor to almost all Large, Small and Medium Steel producers of India and our products are well approved by them.

We are India's Largest Suppliers of Copper Mould Tubes used in Continuous Casting Machines. We supply Copper Moulds of Highest Quality that withstands maximum number of heats and ensures smooth casting of Steel billets.Our Copper Moulds are most reliable in the critical area of its application, assuring high performance and operational efficiency.

Our Copper Mould Tubes ensures more than just quality. It ensures peace of mind."

We have a very strong technical team of experienced people having huge exposure in Steel manufacturing. We supply the Highest Quality Copper Moulds at very economical prices and in a prompt delivery time. We are super stockists and supply all Sizes and specifications of Copper Moulds. Standarisation, Quality Control and extensive Research & Development is our policy to which we strongly adhere to achieve always better. We are very strict on Material Quality, the inner Coating, mechanisation, Taper and accurate dimensions of Copper Moulds. Thus we assure all our customers of superior output through our Copper Moulds. Quality, Prices and Services has been the tripod of our success all along. We are religiously bound by perennial business ethics which is the best Trust for all our customers.